Includes 5 to 10 raters

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This report focuses on the eight leadership effectiveness 360 competencies:

  • Communication Skills
  • Decision-making
  • Delegation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Managing Change
  • Setting Goals and Standards
  • Team Building
  • Visualizing the Future

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The Leadership Effectiveness 360 is an assessment that will identify:

  • Areas of strength and areas needing improvement associated with critical leadership competencies.
  • Allow you to see yourself as others see you.
  • Guide you in developing a personalized leadership development plan.
  • Serve as a benchmark in your leadership development.

While everyone has innate qualities that make them natural leaders, leadership is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and improved. The insight from this assessment will unlock and augment the parts of leadership that are natural strengths and help you work on areas of weaknesses to make you a more well rounded, balanced, and adaptable leader.

The Leadership Effectiveness 360 Assessment includes access codes for 5 to 10 raters.